*Felfort, the ancient dwarven stronghold

General Information

Felfort is the largest known dwarven stronghold and the most highly populated city in Gret. The entrance of the stronghold lies at the base of Mt.Glory, the tallest mountain in the known world.
The mountain is so large in fact that the highest point of the stronghold reaches roughly 1/50th of its total height.

The People

The population of Felfort is 80% dwarven and the remaining 20% is a mixed bag of various races that make up much of the foreign merchant class.

People of note

Master Kordon of House Shorthilt

The Shorthilt family has been in control for only a few years now. Kordon is the most intelligent yet volatile member of the family and the master of Felfort. His servants are replaced weekly do to various…incidents.

Gejoe Joege

This gnome is one of the most wealthy and well known merchants in Felfort

Tarven Bloodfist

The current champion of the Felfort’s “Blood Field”, a gladiatorial battlefield.


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